Capstone Power Control


Capstone Power Control (CPC) is a proprietary (worldwide patent pending) power failure detection and on/off switchable back-up battery lighting technology.

How it works:

CPC is an electronic circuit connected to a high power battery which is always kept charged by line power that is built into a CPC LED bulb or a CPC fixture fitted with an LED bulb. CPC distinguishes the difference between the power being turned off at the switch or a power failure condition. When the power fails the CPC bulb or CPC fixture can be switched on or off with the normally used existing wall or fixture switch.

CPC provides extended light hours during power failure because it can be switched on or off as needed. It works for lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall fixtures and other with a single or multiple bulbs on the same circuit. Only the LED bulb directly connected to the CPC will light in a multiple circuit. Switch ability can provide days of lighting.