Power Failure


The Power Failure LED Sconce Night Light brings a fresh new look to any wall outlet in your home or office.  With a decorative design and multi-functionality, this product rises above its competition.  When switching the night light in the D2D mode, the light will automatically turn ON at dusk and OFF at dawn.  When placed in power failure mode, the night light is programmed to turn ON when the power goes out.  Great for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and entryways.  A simple and affordable way to be prepared for any type of power outage.

  • Turns on automatically when the power goes out
  • Manual ON an OFF feature
  • Dusk to Dawn – LED night light turns ON automatically at dusk and OFF at dawn – Power failure function activates when the power goes out
  • Power Failure – Night light only turns ON when the power goes out
  • Various Styles and Finishes



Antique Brass

Satin Nickel


Oil Rubbed Bronze