4-in-1 8 LED Light


The 8 LED light is a lightweight and durable design with 4-in-1 functionality with work light, flashlight, night light and power failure light, all in one.  Be prepared to take on any job requiring light in dark places, whether it’s under the hood or under the sink.  The auto-sensor LED night light turns on automatically in dark areas.  The portable LED flashlight with Hi, Low, Flashing and Off settings can be removed easily from the base and is always charged and ready to go.  When the power goes out, the LEDs automatically turn on and allows you to get around the house for up to six hours.  Protect yourself and your family during any weather related power failure; blackouts, blizzards, brownouts, floods, hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes and windstorms.

  • Turns on automatically when the power goes out
  • Charge last up to 6 hours
  • Handheld light with 5 super bright LEDs – 25 Lumens / 20 m
  • 3 LED night light turns on automatically in dark areas with soft glowing light
  • Hands-free, self-standing light
  • Rotating AC Plug to fit all outlets
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Induction Charging Technology – not metal contacts